Semiconductor Air FIltration


Semiconductor Air FiltrationDescription

Ventilation panels are specifically designed to maintain substantial airflow, while filtering unwanted EMI and/or dust. Fralock offers air filtration devices available in a wide variety of styles, and are supplied to meet your specific needs.


Intended for use where electronic equipment requires ventilation, while the free flow of electro-magnetic waves are not acceptable. The filtration media chosen for your application depends on your specific requirements. Listed below are the various types available.

Honeycomb Core

This type of media is used most frequently in the electronics industry. This allows for the best airflow of all the available filtration media. The effective attenuation depends on the core material chosen, the depth and width of the cell, and the plating used.

Woven Screen

This style of media is used when dust and EMI must be controlled. Corrugated screen is layered to the required thickness, usually one half inch, and is supplied with a water-soluble film to aid in dust retention.

Expanded Metal

Layers of expanded metal screen are compiled to produce our most effective Dust/ EMI shielding and filtration device. This media generates the most resistance to the airflow, however its’ efficient retention of dust is unsurpassed.

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