Semiconductor High Performance

High Performance Materials

High performance materials are needed for a variety of applications including adhesion bonding, insulation, membranes, vibration dampening, chemical resistance, and thermal management. Fralock’s high performance materials possesses a unique combination of properties that enable this material to maintain its excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range making it appealing to a wide range of industry applications. It can be easily laminated and con­verted to a custom size and shape.

Fralock’s high performance material combines heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance, to be used in hostile and extreme environmental conditions. Unlike most plastics, it does not produce significant outgassing even at high temperatures. It also performs well in vacuum applications, down to extremely low cryogenic temperatures.

Whether your application requires survivability beneath the earth’s surface, above earth’s atmosphere or somewhere in between, Fralock has been involved in a variety of composite material projects that required custom conversion of specialty materials.  We combine seemingly incompatible materials to meet our customers’ unique application needs!

Fralock is ISO and AS Registered, and we are ITAR registered.

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