Semiconductor High Performance Materials

Semiconductor High Performance Materials

DuPontTM CIRLEX® is the latest addition to our diverse product family of semiconductor high performance materials . Made from 100% DuPontTM KAPTON® polyimide film, CIRLEX® is a product that delivers performance and value for some of the most demanding material applications.  Fralock is DuPont’s sole licensee for the production of CIRLEX® worldwide.

CIRLEX® offers all the excellent chemical, physical, thermal and electrical properties of KAPTON® in thick sheet format. CIRLEX® can be bonded to foils (copper, inconel, nickel and stainless steel) using our adhesiveless polyimide bonding technology. Bond strengths will typically exceed > 10 pli.


CIRLEX® – an all-polyimide sheet material – has been developed to fill the growing requirement for thick all-polyimide materials, stemming from a wide variety of industries such as semiconductor, aerospace, and electronics.

If you are looking to replace current applications using ceramic or Vespel®, or upgrade to a new high performance polyimide materials, CIRLEX® offers material flexibility and an expanded range of thickness options unattainable with cast resins or laminated constructions using adhesives. Offering the excellent chemical, physical, thermal and electrical properties of KAPTON® in thick sheet format is unique in today’s material marketplace.

Traditional laminates are notoriously unreliable at temperatures which exceed the Glass Transition (Tg) of the adhesives used in their constructions. You can count on CIRLEX®’s integrity at extreme temperatures, from cryogenic [-269°C (-452°F)] to as high as 220°C (428°F); and CIRLEX® polyimide is readily modified/machined by laser cutting, drilling, machining and chemical etching.

Material Characteristics

CIRLEX® Data Sheet -PDF

Fralock is ISO and AS Registered, and we are ITAR registered.

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