Thermal Breaks/Barriers

Thermal Breaks/Barriers

Precision thermal barriers, more and more, device manufacturers need thermal management materials that provide high-end performance and consistant long lasting reliability.  Fralocks unique all polyimide proprietary material DuPontTM Cirlex,® provides long-lasting chemical and mechanical stability, enabling consistently higher thermal performance compared with alternative thermal interface materials that break down.

The conduction of heat in semiconductors has been the subject of intensive study during the past 50 years.  From the practical point of view, thermal conductivity is an important parameter in determining the maximum power under which a semiconductor device may be operated.  Moreover, thermal conductivity is one of the most important parameters determining the efficiency of those semiconductors used in thermoelectric energy conversion.

Cirlex® is the perfect material to use as precision thermal barriers between two surfaces, where consistent thermal performance is paramount to success.  Cirlex® has very low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent choice to act as a thermal break between a heater and a cooling plate, or between two different materials with different thermal expansion.  A Cirlex® thermal barrier is the clear choice, its engineered consistency makes it an easy choice to predict thermal outcome.

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Cirlex® Semi Data Sheet