Semiconductor Thermal Management

Semiconductor Thermal Management

Consistency of temperature across a wafer becomes more challenging as wafer diameters expand.  Fralock’s Thermal Interface Solutions include materials that allow heat to pass through the Z-surface efficiently, spread heat effectively through the X-Y surface, or prevent heat from passing through from one surface to another.

Fralock utilizes its advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to work directly with OEM’s and assist with material selection to provide thermal interface solutions to improve tool effectiveness. Fralock has high thermally conductive silicone rubber gap fillers (with TC-Z surface as high as 17 W/m∙K) available as thin as 0.3mm, or effective thermal spreaders to assure uniform heat dispersion across an entire surface (with TC-XY surface >200 W/m∙K). Fralock Thermal Spreader AS functions as a gap filler and thermal spreader, and reduces thermal resistance, eliminating heat retention and potential shorting. DuPontTM Cirlex®, manufactured by Fralock, creates a thermal break between two surfaces.

Fralock has what you need.  Fralock’s expertise in Thermal Management Solutions not only include Gap Fillers and Thermal Spreaders, but also very complex, All-Polyimide Heaters.

Many of today’s greatest technological advancements have one thing in common: a need to manage heat from the device to assure its reliable performance over the long term.  Whether it is controlling process temperatures in semiconductor wafer manufacturing or getting rid of excess heat generated by power electronics or devices, heat transfer is critical to a wide range of applications that enable our modern lives.

Thermal Spreader Data Sheets

Cirlex® Semi Data Sheet
Download the datasheet on Fralock Thermal Spreader AS

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