Utilizing all polyimide bonding technology, unique material combinations and proprietary adhesive-less lamination we develop and produce a wide range of ultrahigh reliable flexible heaters, flex circuits and flat cables.

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All Polyimide Flexible Circuits & Heaters

Fralock manufacturer’s polymer, foil and adhesive based products for critical applications for technically advanced OEM’s. Fralock, a U.S. contract manufacturer, is ISO 9001, AS9100 and ISO13485 Registered.

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Manufacturing and Fabrication

Fralock is the manufacturer of CIRLEX® (thick polyimide laminates in sheet form) we provide custom manufacturing base laminates including copper clad, inconel, nickel and stainless steel and multi-layer all polyimide laminates.  CIRLEX® is a registered trademark of DUPONT used under license by FRALOCK

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Custom Clad Laminates & Base Materials

Contract Manufacturing Fralock

Fralock is an ISO9001, AS9100 and ISO 13485 registered, ITAR Compliant and Space Qualified Facility Company. We serve the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Medical and Industrial industries. We are a custom manufacturer and converter of thin films, foams, foils, adhesives, and custom composite materials. We specialize in High Performance Materials including Custom Flexible Circuits, Flexible Flat Cables, Flexible Heaters, and composites using our proprietary Adhesiveless Polyimide Laminate Technology, Thermally Conductive Materials, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, Electrical Insulation & Shielding, Foams, and Rubber. Focus applications include Adhesive Coating services, Automation, Custom Composites & Forming, Custom Lamination, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting / Machining, Prototype Manufacturing, Shearing, Slitting, and Sub-Assembly. All under the same roof in our contract manufacturing facility.High performance materials are used in a variety of applications including adhesion, insulation, membranes, vibration dampening, chemical resistance, and thermal management. Whether your application requires survivability beneath the earth’s surface, above earth’s atmosphere or somewhere in between, Fralock has been involved in a variety of projects that required custom conversion of specialty materials. As contact manufacturer, our company offers custom-built engineered materials solutions, prototype to production volumes for your project needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, product realization and automated placement systems for the most demanding requirements.

Established in 1967, Fralock is one of the most prominent contract manufacturing companies in the USA with a well-known reputation for delivering quality to its customers. Fralock has earned the distinction of being a 3M Preferred Converter and Dupont® World Wide Licensee of Cirlex®. Our 60,000 square foot facility offers the benefit of a consolidated workplace that includes engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, and corporate offices, all under one roof. As a global supplier of thin films, foams, foils, and adhesive technologies, Fralock is positioned to meet our customers’ custom contract manufacturing needs around the world.

USA Manufacturing.

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Fralock Corporate Headquarters|28525 W. Industry Drive|Valencia CA 91355|Toll-free: 800.372.5625|Local: 661.702.6999|Fax: 661.702.9899

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