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Fralock polyimide tapes are used across a wide array of satellite, defense, and aerospace, and industrial applications.

Both designers and engineers rely on polyimide films and tapes such as DuPont™ Kapton® to maintain integrity in even the most extreme environmental conditions. The unique combination of thermal, electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties provides superior performance and reliability under vibration, severe temperatures, and other extreme environments.

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Fralock Polyimide Tapes
Applications of Polyimide Tapes


  • Electrical insulation
  • Mechanical/structural connections
  • Flexible circuit bonding
  • Thermal management
  • Shielding
  • Cable and harness wrap
  • Masking and protection
  • Gaskets and seals

We offer adhesive configurations made to order

  • Single-Coated
  • Double-Coated
  • Zone-Coated

Fralock® products are made available with the three adhesive configurations noted above.  The zone-coated configurations can be ordered to your exact specifications. 

For more information on Static Dissipative Kapton®, High Emissivity Kapton®, Thermally Conductive Kapton®, Original Standard Kapton®, or Dimensionally Stabilized Kapton, view any our Kapton Tape technical data sheets below: 

High-Performance SDK Kapton® Tape Technical Data Sheet
High-Performance HEK Kapton® Tape White Kapton Technical Data Sheet
High-Performance TCK Kapton® Tape Technical Data Sheet
High-Performance OSK Kapton® Tape Technical Data Sheet
High-Performance DSK Kapton® Tape Technical Data Sheet
Polyimide Tapes with Adhesive Configurations

Custom Fabrication

When it comes to complex precision laminating, adhesive coating, CNC and die-cutting , Fralock offers multiple services for high-performance tapes. Our engineers are available to assist your business with the production and design for custom products that will meet your exact performance requirements. 

For more information about Kapton insulation tape, Kapton adhesive tape, Kapton Polyimide tape, or Kapton Polyimide film, CONTACT US. 

Testing Capabilities 

Fralock® meets and exceeds even the most specific customer requirements, offering testing capabilities for elevated temperature shear, peel adhesion, tack, tensile strength, electrical resistance, and more.