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Flex Circuit Turnkey Solutions

Fralock is your premiere partner for turnkey manufacturing services. We understand the challenges that electronics manufacturers can face in their supply chains and that consolidating suppliers can reduce overall manufacturing costs, decrease your time to market, and help to maintain a competitive edge.

We are a provider of flex and rigid-flex circuits, sub-assemblies, and complete turnkey solutions. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities provide a full-service solution, from design to substrate, prototype, test, inspect, and production. Fralock’s broad spectrum of innovative technologies and precision manufacturing allows you to scale up with automation and bring your manufacturing process to optimum levels of throughput and productivity.

Simplifying Your Supply Chain

Our engineers work closely with your team to ensure complete integration of product requirements into the final functional product, and our end-to-end manufacturing guarantees reliable performance for your critical application.

Why Choose Fralock?

Fralock offers a wealth of expertise in flex circuit design principles, materials, fabrication processes, and assembly techniques for critical markets such as aerospace/defense, medical, electronics, battery, and industrial. We have built our 55+ year legacy on innovation, manufacturing excellence, quality and reliability, outstanding customer support, and continuous improvement. Our customer-centric approach enables us to meet or exceed customer expectations and demanding performance requirements.

In-House Engineering Excellence

Our accomplished in-house engineering team brings decades of highly specialized experience, from initial design concept to final assembly. Combining the expertise of material science and process engineering, we partner with you to generate the optimal solution for your application.

Precision Automation at Work for You

At Fralock, we harness the power of automation with advanced robotic systems and state-of-the-art technologies to optimize efficiency and ensure accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Our dedicated team of engineers designs and builds custom machinery specifically engineered to optimize your assembly processes

Quality, Inspection and Testing

At Fralock, quality is built into our products and processes. Our comprehensive suite of inspection and test systems guarantees seamless integration into your final assembly, ensuring reliable performance and extended product lifespan. We uphold the highest quality standards that include ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, and ITAR registration.

Turnkey Low to Medium Volume Production

Efficiency meets flexibility with our custom turnkey low to medium-volume production services. Whether you require small-batch production or medium-scale manufacturing, our solutions are scalable, enabling you to easily expand production capacity.

Aerospace and Defense

When it comes to aerospace, military, and defense markets, precision assembly is crucial. Fralock has been serving prominent customers in these sectors for several decades and we understand the multifaceted conditions of their applications. We are your trusted partner, offering advanced capabilities to produce assemblies that satisfy your stringent requirements.

Our commitment to quality, automation, and customer satisfaction is why customers come to us for their toughest challenges.

Our Services Include:

Custom Automated Equipment

Full Complement of Plating, Etching, and Imaging

Test and Inspection

Manual Assembly

SMT Pick & Place

Fralock Flex Circuit Manufacturing Capabilities

Equipment and Processes

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Assembly of components into complex electro-mechanical structures
  • Fabrication & welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Finishing - plating, silkscreen
  • Critical components fabricated in house and integrated into your customized system
  • Complete builds of circuitry into housing or end product
  • Leading edge metrology
  • Quality standards (ISO 9001/AS9100, ISO 13485, ITAR Registered)
  • NC Drilling
  • NC Routing (X, Y and Z axis)
  • Laser Drilling
  • Laser Skiving
  • Laser Cutting
  • Autoclave lamination
  • Hydraulic lamination
  • Chemical Etching
  • Direct Image Exposure
  • UV Light Exposure
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Hot Air Solder Level (Pb & Pb Free)
  • Acid Copper Plating
  • Via Fill Copper Plating
  • Pulse Copper Plating
  • Tin-Lead Plate
  • Tin Plate
  • ENIG Plate
  • Hard Nickel / Gold plate
  • Soft Nickel / Gold Plate
  • Direct Immersion Gold Plate
  • LPI (Liquid Photo Imageable)
  • Silkscreen

SMT Pick and Place

  • 3 - MYDATA Pick & Place Machines (2 xMY9 & 1 MY12)
  • 3D X-Ray
  • X-Ray Scienscope
  • Rework Station DRS25
  • Printer Ekra + Manncorp
  • Oven BTU Paramix98
  • In-line cleaner NU/Clean Technical Device
  • Wave Solder Technical Device
  • Vapor phase reflow soldering

Test and Inspection

  • Optical measurement
  • Open/Short electrical testing
  • Functional testing
  • Hi Pot testing
  • TDR measurement
  • Real-time X-ray
  • Ionic contamination testing
  • Low resistance measurement
  • AOI
  • 3D AOI

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