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DuPontTM Cirlex® is a thick all-polyimide laminate sheet material that has been developed to fill the growing requirement for thick polyimide materials. Cirlex®  is used for a wide variety of applications in several industries including semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, medical/life science, industrial, and electronics.

If you are looking to replace current applications using ceramic or Vespel®, or upgrade to new high-performance polyimide materials, Cirlex® thick all polyimide laminates offer material flexibility and an expanded range of thickness options unattainable with cast resins or laminated constructions using adhesives.

We fabricate Cirlex® components with the excellent chemical, physical, thermal and electrical properties of DuPontTM Kapton® in thick sheet format, producing products with superior capabilities and durability. 

 Fralock is the exclusive worldwide licensee and manufacturer of Cirlex®.

Characteristics and Features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemically inert
  • Dielectric strength up to 2,790 volts/mil
  • Glass transition temperatures up to 351°C (663°F)
  • Low CTE, 30 ppm in-plane at temperatures below -269°C (ASTM E831)

Available in thicknesses from 8 mil (0.2032 mm) to 125 mil (3.175 mm).

  • Thermal: Temperature range from -452°F to 664°F (269°C to 351°C)
  • Flammability rating, UL® 94VO
  • Chemical: Impervious to most organic chemicals, solvents, fuels and lubricants.
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Meets Specifications:

  • NASA outgassing requirements
  • Flammability requirements of UL-94V-0 (UL file #E39505)
  • Inherently halogen free
  • Maintains its mechanical properties at extreme temperatures, from cryogenic-269°C (-516°F) to over 300°C (572°F)
  • Monolithic polyimide construction with no adhesive weaknesses
  • Readily modified by machining, drilling, laser machining
  • Thermal & dimensional stability
  • High performance – dimensional stability over high temp range: -452°F to 664°F, 94 V-O flammability rating.
  • Thermal cycling tested from -186°C to 150°C

How are Customers Utilizing Cirlex® ?

 – Encapsulated shims

 – Gaskets and Seals

 – Electrical Insulators

 – Standoffs and Spacers 

 – Electrostatic Chucks  

 – Flexible Multizone heaters

 – Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

 – All-Polyimide Flex Cables  

Encapsulated shims
Socket with EMI Shield
Flat Cables
Cirlex in Different Applications
Star Angle
Electrostatic Chucks 
HDI Rigid-Flex Circuit

If your application requires high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, low outgassing, durability, and chemical resistance, you need Fralock’s all polyimide adhesiveless laminates.

For more information about Cirlex® , READ THE WHITE PAPER.  Let us help you engineer an optimal solution for your application.

Cirlex® and Kapton® are registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. used under license by Fralock.