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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor equipment engineers are faced with challenges of increasing on-wafer performance while managing costs. They continually strive to increase productivity, improve wafer and chip yield, and reduce cost of ownership. Balancing these processes is key to profitable and sustainable semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Achieving this balance involves effectively managing several critical areas including thermal management, EMI shielding, equipment lifetime optimization.

Fralock has excelled at developing and manufacturing custom engineered materials solutions for the semiconductor equipment industry for over 20 years.

Working closely with our customers on design, engineering, and testing, we provide full-service production of engineered interface solutions for your specialized application needs.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

Our engineering, quality, and sales staff ensures that products and services are to your satisfaction. Fralock’s Valencia, California facility is ISO 9001/AS 9100 certified and IPC 1791 listed. We adhere to rigorous standards such as copy exactly and change control practices required in semiconductor equipment manufacturing.

EMI Shielding and Electrical Insulation

Fralock’s interface products include solutions for thermal management, protection from plasma, EMI shielding, and electrical insulation. We have established long-term, close partnerships with reliable suppliers to provide you with components for applications such as:

  • Heat Spreading
  • Heat Blocking
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Uniformity
  • Plasma Protection
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Vibration Dampening

Our capabilities allow us to fabricate conductive, electrical, and insulative materials to provide the optimal solution for your application.

In-house capabilities include die-cutting, UV And CO2 laser cutting, slitting, lamination, welding, heat press, machining, assembly, packaging, and other value-add services. Our engineers work directly with you to produce products that best satisfy your requirements.

Materials include:

  • Foil-based laminates
  • Graphite-based films
  • Kapton®-based materials, including Cirlex®
  • Elastomers
  • Thermally conductive elastomers
  • Metal coated elastomers
  • Particle-filled silicones
  • Nano materials
  • PTFE (Teflon™)
Cirlex All-polyimide Thermal Lamination
Different Chamber Applications

Chamber Applications

  • Showerhead Gaskets
  • Electrode Gaskets
  • Thermal Choke Rings and Gaskets
  • Heat Sink Pads
  • Edge Rings, Sub-Assemblies
  • Plasma-Resistant Shims
  • Thermally-Conductive Gap Fillers
  • Application Aids

Partial list of Fralock’s material suppliers.

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