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Ceramic Lift Pins for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

Ceramic lift pins are essential components in semiconductor manufacturing wafer handling systems.

They play the critical role of supporting the transfer of process wafers into process modules within fabrication equipment. Fralock manufactures top quality lift pins made from high purity alumina and sapphire ceramics, utilizing robotics and automated grinding equipment to ensure consistency and tolerance compliances.

Our lift pins are designed with precision to ensure proper contact and support for the delicate semiconductor wafers. The design accounts for cleanliness and chemical resistance to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor manufacturing environments.

3 Ceramic Lift Pins
Ceramic Materials Lift Pins

Ceramic materials are preferred for lift pins due to their excellent properties:

  • Superior chemical resistance - high resistance to corrosive chemicals and gases
  • Dimensional stability
  • Wear resistance
  • Tight tolerancing
  • Thermal stability - Ceramics can withstand elevated temperatures without compromising their structural integrity, ensuring reliable performance
  • High Hardness - The hardness of ceramics ensures durability and resistance to wear, providing a longer lifespan in comparison to alternative materials.
  • Low particle generation
  • Customization

Fralock offers a multitude of material choices and automated manufacturing capabilities to provide your organization the optimal lift pins for your application.

  • Automated manufacturing cells to maximize productivity and quality and produce consistent high-quality ground parts
  • Centerless grinding for precise diameter/alignment control (± 5 microns)
  • Ultra-smooth mirror finish polishing available to reduce particulate defects
  • Cost and lead time optimization by machining near net shape raw ceramic stock shapes
  • Multi-source supply chain
    • Internal Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) capability for making high purity alumina ceramics
    • Large sapphire supply chain
  • Quick turn capability via inventory management
  • Consignment stocking agreements
  • In-house / localized cleaning capacity
  • In house Semi T10 compliant laser marking and kitting available per customer request
  • Many high purty ceramic material choices
    • Al2O3 in various purities
    • Sapphire - purity up to 99.9999%
  • Can be combined with robot end effectors and other wafer handling assemblies

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