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Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

FRALOCK combines over fifty years of experience in solutions producing components and subassemblies using specialty composite materials, flex circuitry and ceramics for the most demanding applications in semiconductor wafer fabrication, testing, and packaging, medical and life science, aerospace and defense, industrial, electronics, and energy.

We are ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485 certified, and FDA registered, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and custom product realization for special applications. Our engineering team is an extension of your team, providing expertise in those niche areas possibly not covered by your engineering experience.  We can quickly understand your performance needs and make design suggestions or model as appropriate to offer improvements in design.

Our extensive history and experience has generated unique manufacturing processes that produce robust solutions suitable for use in the most demanding environments. Fralock’s pioneered adhesiveless lamination eliminates the need for degradable adhesives, and produces bonded polyimide components that are able to withstand extreme thermal, physical, and chemical stresses. Components made with adhesiveless lamination are used in space, medical, industrial, and other industries that require integrity under extreme conditions and/or for extended time.

Adhesiveless Lamination

Our adhesiveless lamination Technology (ALT) is applicable to multiple applications such as thermal barriers, flex and rigid flex circuits and cables, heaters, gaskets, and more. Fralock is the sole licensee of DuPont Cirlex®, a thick polyimide that can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes. Made from 100% DuPont Kapton® adhesiveless polyimide film, Cirlex® delivers performance and value for all your demanding applications.

Fralocks’ polyimide thermofoil heaters are manufactured with our adhesiveless lamination, producing thin, lightweight, flexible and incredibly durable all-polyimide heaters.

Fralock provides laminated solutions for a range of capabilities used in several different industries.

Depending upon your requirements for chemical resistance, temperature range, and outgassing concerns, we have a solution that is right for you.

Our laminate processes and materials are suitable for applications that require stable adhesion ranging from -269°C degrees to 350°C. Choose from pressure-sensitive tapes, heat-activated adhesives, high-performance adhesiveless all-polyimide lamination solutions that provide durable bonding for extreme environmental conditions.

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Fralock Specialty Laminates
Flex And Rigid-Flex Solutions

Our all-polyimide flex circuits are smaller, lighter, and can seamlessly integrate into almost any form you need. Fralock builds flex circuits to your exact specifications with predictable performance and high reliability. Rigid-flex circuits combine a flex circuit with a rigid conductor such as a connector or a circuit board, and can be found in applications ranging from medical infusion pumps to aircraft guidance systems.

Fralock’s flex and rigid-flex solutions include flexible all polyimide heaters, flex cables flex and rigid flex circuits, electronic assemblies, and electrostatic chucks (semiconductor manufacturing).

Our advanced flex circuit technology can help achieve your manufacturing goals when unique components and functions are needed.

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Flexible Etched Foil Cables for Power Distribution – conductive metal tracings are sealed between two layers of polyimide insulation. Only Fralock’s flex cables are made with our 100 percent Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT), which mechanically bonds the layers of foil and polyimide insulation with each other, locking the conductive elements in place and eliminating the use of adhesives. Legacy technology uses PTFE to bond the layers of material together, but the bond is weak, often resulting in poor adhesion that can cause cracking and delamination. This produces fragile cables with poor radiation resistance and less structural integrity.

With our polyimide ATL bonding, delamination and cracking is eliminated, and cables are fully operational in extreme environmental conditions. Fralock can produce high 4,000 to 8,000 dpi registration, and can be produced in lengths up to 50 ft.

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Fralock’s Flex Cables
Interface Solutions

Device and equipment manufacturers demand thermal and electrical interface materials that provide high-end performance and consistent long lasting reliability. Our solutions provide excellent electrical insulation for high-voltage applications, as well as thermal barriers/breaks in extreme heat up to +351°C (+664°F).  We provide product realization for seals, gaskets, rings, and thermal spreaders.

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Fralock provides technical ceramics for a variety of applications. We engineer and manufacture metalized active ceramic heaters as well as structural ceramics.

Using a unique formulation of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic with co-fired internal Tungsten (W) traces for heating and temperature sensing, we design and manufacture rapid-fire and heaters with exceptional thermal uniformity, watt density, and temperature ramping capabilities. This solution is suitable for applications that require precise, rapid control of heat and cooling.

Our engineered structural ceramics are used in a wide array of  applications to provide chemical stability over a wide temperature range, hardness, and high strength. We apply high-precision technology (laser machining, drilling, ceramic machining, lapping),  to produce almost any shape and size needed.

Stainless Steel and Glass Heaters

We can help you produce customized metal and glass heaters when your application is less-demanding and lower cost is required. With applications in semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and electronics industries, these heaters offer clear advantages that can’t be found in any comparable technology. Our structural ceramics are precision manufactured with low tolerances using alumina cold isostatic pressing, with green part machining and hard grinding with a wide variety of ceramic quartz and glass materials.

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Ceramic Solutions
Durable Glass Heaters
  • Special Packaging for Clean Rooms and High Bays
  • All products available slit to width or custom cut to size and shape
  • Single, double, or custom zone-coated


Special Testing and Test Report Documentation Available
Certified for your specifications

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Our special materials components are widely used in industries such as:

Polyimide Tapes and Film Manufacturers

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