Leading the Way in Advanced Materials Solutions

Industrial, Electronics, And Energy Markets

With extensive expertise in engineering and specialty materials for high-reliability applications, Fralock provides solutions focused in Industrial, Electronics and Energy industries. Engaging with your engineering team at the beginning of the product development cycle has shown to be the key to producing highly-effective, successful outcomes.
Our customers require a variety of solutions for many applications, including areas such as:
  • Analytical instruments, precise temperature sensing and control
  • Test equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Battery heaters
  • Cold weather operation of outdoor electronics
  • Thermal and electrical insulation for electronics
  • Sealing solutions for industrial equipment
Industrial, Electronics, And Energy
Fralock offers a broad spectrum of engineering support and custom component manufacturing.
Applications for industrial markets require greater design freedom with few limitations. Fralock can reduce space and weight, and offer streamlined designs to meet customer expectations.
Gaskets and Seals for Industrial Valves
Applications and Components We provide custom engineered parts for several applications including:
  • Gaskets and Seals for Industrial Valves
  • Thermal Management, High-Tempeature Circuits, High-Temperature Shielding for Power Systems
  • Fire Stop, Electrical Insulation, Thermal Management for Battery Technology
  • Ceramic components for desalination energy use reduction systems, HVAC refrigeration systems, fluid energy products, and undersea drilling
Continued performance improvements and technology advancements translate into new engineered solutions. Fralock combines advanced manufacturing methods, materials experience and application knowledge to solve problems for critical applications in today’s market.
Applications and Components
Rigid PCB’s, Rigid-Flex Circuits & Flex Circuits
  • Small footprint applications
  • Battery heaters - Flex Heaters
  • Power & Signal Flex Cables
Electrical Insulation – an array of polyimide-based thermal management products
Electronics Manufacturing
  • Conformal Coating
  • Underfill
  • Potting Solutions
  • PCBA
  • Box Build
Electrical Insulation Film

Our extensive experience has positioned Fralock to provide innovative solutions to traditional and emerging high-growth energy markets. We develop effective, cost-competitive solutions for downhole drilling in the oil and gas, power distribution, and renewable energy markets.

Our components operate in applications such as:
Power Windmills, EV mining / commercial and industrial vehicles, and telemetry units in the following applications:

Downhole Drilling In Oil and Gas Sector
  • AC/DC Converters
  • EV Battery Packs
  • Telemetry Units
  • Downhole for Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • High-temperature tapes
  • Injection molded parts
  • Electronic Circuitry – ruggedized, PCBAs, flex circuits
Zero Emission Technology As the world transitions into the use of emission-free vehicles, industrial machinery, and energy production, Fralock leads the way with designs and products that support a cleaner planet. When it comes to green technologies, we provide custom specialty material components for use in:
Industrial Electronics and Energy Market

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Industries include IC products and services, electronic components, instrumentation equipment, fabrication products and services, engineering software and services, manufacturing products and services, contract manufacturing services, 3D printers and scanners, IoT and much more.