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Energy Application Solutions

Energy providers, public utilities, and the renewable resource industry are currently ramping up for a massive global transformation of energy source and management systems.

Energy sources are quickly shifting toward a mix of electricity, synfuels, and hydrogen, and these are predicted to represent 32% of worldwide energy by 2035. Renewable electricity is increasing in demand as the effect on global climate becomes more prominent.

By 2050 power consumption is projected to triple, with a growing proportion being renewables and carbon-neutral fuels.

The increasing demand for power generation and transmission requires energy industry suppliers to provide equipment with next-generation clean energy technologies while transitioning away from traditional ones.

Fralock is a supplier for OEM customers in energy sectors and provides custom component solutions for a wide variety of applications. We support our customers in design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom interface parts, EMI/RFI shielding, flex circuits, and engineered ceramics for high reliability and severe environment applications.

Highly Reliable Energy Provider
Custom Interface Parts

Component Applications

We provide custom parts to satisfy these requirements:
  • Sealing and Gasketing
  • Thermal Management
  • Vibration/Sound Dampening
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Gap Filling

Application Solutions

Working with your engineering team, we deliver custom solutions to meet your specific application requirements.
Solutions include:
Rechargeable Batteries
  • Thermal Interface Solutions - silicone and graphite-based materials, gap fillers, thermal stops/blocks DuPont (Cirlex®)
  • Electrical Insulation - polyimide materials, flame retardant polycarbonates
  • Flexible and Rigid Flex Circuits - all-polyimide adhesiveless lamination and traditional bonding technology
  • Fire Stop Solutions
  • Flame Retardant Solutions
  • Precision Die-Cut Manufacturing
Electronic Circuitry in AC/DC Converters

Electronic Circuitry in AC/DC Converters

  • Flex and Rigid Flex Circuits – compact, low profile, durable DuPont Kapton® and Cirlex®
  • High-Power Low Profile Etched Foil Flat Flex Cables

Industrial Power Systems

  • Fire Stop Solutions
  • Thermal Interface Solutions - gap fillers, thermal dissipation, thermal stops/blocks
  • Flexible and Rigid Flex Circuits - stripline cables
Industrial Power Systems
High Voltage Insulators

Additional applications

  • High Voltage Insulators
  • Power Module Substrates
  • Heaters
  • Oil & Gas – Surface / Downhole
  • Wear resistant ceramics to repurpose waste fluid pressure energy
  • Ceramic bullet connectors for down hole pumping applications
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant ceramics to support oil and gas exploration
  • Low friction and debris resistant ceramic fluid bearings for high pressure pumps

Fralock’s Advanced Materials

Fralock uses a variety of materials obtained from world-class suppliers for a full range of applications
  • Polyimides
  • DuPont Kapton®
  • DuPont Cirlex® (“Thick” Kapton® ”)
  • Engineered Technical Ceramics
  • Aluminum Nitride (AlN)
  • Alumina
  • Quartz
  • Sapphire
  • Low temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC)
  • High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (HTCC)
  • Semi-Conductive Foils (silicone laminates, foils)
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Polymers, Foams
  • Composite Meshes
  • Conductive Elastomers
  • Compression Elastomers
  • Adhesives
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Zerodur
  • Silicon

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AlN Ceramic Heater
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