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Military Defense

During research and development of defense equipment, project managers and aerospace engineers interface with both internal and external teams to achieve optimal performance of the equipment. They rely on trusted, approved vendors to source materials and build custom components. These components must adhere to highly regulated manufacturing and performance specifications and standards such as MIL-SPEC, ISO 9001, ASA 9100. Materials also must conform to requirements such as shelf life, expiration date, country of origin, and specific quality standards. Components are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform within strict guidelines and tolerances to mitigate the probability of failure.

Military Defense Equipment by Fralock
Military Defense & Aerospace Equipment Supplier

Fralock has been a trusted partner of military defense and aerospace enterprises for several decades, with extensive experience helping our customers overcome challenges to produce high reliability components for their critical applications. Our team of engineers, procurement, quality assurance, and customer service assist you with design and engineering, and provide prototyping, testing and full-scale manufacturing of custom components such as flex and rigid-flex circuits, flexible heaters, ceramics, films, foils, tapes, adhesives, foams, and elastomers.

With experience suppling custom components for many sectors of the military, Fralock’s expertise includes:
  • Jet Fighter Aircraft
  • UAVs
  • Satellites
  • Missiles
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Night Vision Equipment
Javelin Missile Launch
Polymeric & Elastomeric Thermal Barriers 
Thermal Gap Filler Pad

Thermal Management

Heaters, Interface Materials, and Active Cooling Solutions

  • Thermally conductive, blocking and insulative material solutions
  • Heat Shields
  • Thermal Barriers - Polymeric & Elastomeric
  • Conductive Interfaces
  • Thermal Spreaders - Graphite and Foil Based Solutions
  • Thermal Transferring
  • Conductive Elastomers
  • Gap Pads
  • Foil & Graphite Base
  • Interface & Attachment Solutions
  • AlN Heaters and Chiller Plates
  • Precision flexible polyimide heaters


  • EMI, RFI Shielding
  • Static Dissipation
  • Specialty Shims, Seals and Gaskets
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Vibration Damping
  • Electrical Insulation
Seals and Gaskets
LM Long Flex Cable

Distribution of Power and Signal

  • Flex Circuits/Cables – high frequency data transmission, power transmission
  • Large format up to 10 ft panels
  • Adhesiveless all-polyimide – prevents delamination
  • Rigid Flex Cables - bare or fully populated
  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Antennas
  • Interconnects
  • Grounding Straps

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Thermal Interface Solutions
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Electronic Interconnects
  • Precision Die-Cut Manufacturing
Dark Grey Long Holy Elaster

Attachment Solutions

Transfer Adhesives

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone
  • Conductive Z or XYZ

3M VHB adhesives

  • Alternate to mechanical fasteners such as rivets or screws

Heat Activated Adhesives

  • Acrylics, Nitrile Phenolics, Epoxies

Specialty Laminates

  • Double Sided Foams
  • Double Sided Films
  • Double Sided Non-Wovens
  • Differential Release

Velcro/Hook and Loop

Structural Ceramics 

  • Rocket Nozzles
  • Thermal Barriers
Flex Circuits

Flex Circuits/Cables and Heaters with Unsurpassed Reliability

Fralock manufactures flex circuits, cables, and flexible heaters that are fully encapsulated and can be constructed with all-polyimide adhesiveless lamination, which eliminates delamination issues that are common with adhesives and fluoropolymers. These products remain intact and fully operational under the extreme conditions of space and for prolonged use. Fralock can provide completely assembled turnkey products for an easy drop-in solution for your application.

Fralock is the sole licensee of DuPontTM Cirlex® and White Kapton.

Fralock is ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified, and ITAR registered
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