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Structural Ceramics for Medical Applications

Designed to withstand extreme environments, engineered structural ceramics provide exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, wear, and thermal stress. Their biocompatibility, chemically inert properties, and ability for precision manufacturing make them ideal for a wide range of medical applications such as implants, surgical tools, surgical devices, analytics and imaging equipment, and more.

Fralock’s ceramic offerings include an array of base powder materials that are custom fabricated to fit your stringent requirements. Our capabilities include parts up to 31” in diameter and 3” thick, with green to fire Alumina tolerances +/- 1.0% and hard grind to tolerances within 0.00002” (0.000508mm).

Fralock’s Ceramic Materials include:

Alumina, Silicon Carbide, and Silicon Nitride.



  • High voltage alumina ceramic insulators for X-Ray imaging applications
  • Precision shaped ceramic electrodes and electrode holders for mass spectrometers
  • High purity alumina materials for use in blood analysis machines
  • High precision ceramic pump components
  • Corrosion-resistant hermetically sealed feedthroughs and other components
  • Hermetic dielectric packages for sensors made from Aluminum Nitride and Aluminum Oxide

Life Sciences

  • Wear-resistant ceramic fluid dispensing nozzles, ceramic sliding blood valves
  • Wear and corrosion-resistant ceramic fluid atomizers

In-House Capabilities:

We provide a range of capabilities that include UV and CO2 laser cutting, machining, die-cutting, slitting, machining lamination including adhesiveless, nip roll, and heat-activated. We also offer solutions for active cofired, multilayered ceramics, and near net shape structural ceramic components. Additional capabilities include, lapping, precision CNC grinding, and polishing hard materials. We work with your engineering team to produce the best solution to best fit your custom requirements.