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Heat Blocking – Thermal Insulation

Heat blocking is the process of preventing or reducing the transfer of heat energy through conduction, which is the transfer of heat between two objects that are in direct contact with each other. Heat blocking and insulating materials are designed to reduce or slow down the transfer of heat energy by creating a barrier between two surfaces that minimizes contact and heat flow.

These materials play an important role in improving energy efficiency, reducing heat-related damage, and maintaining optimal performance of heat-sensitive equipment and systems.

Many thermal barrier materials are high-temperature resistant and can help reduce flammability; many meet UL® 94 V-0 standards.

Fralock provides DuPont™ Cirlex®, a highly effective thermal insulation material that is a thick laminated polyimide ideal for critical applications in harsh environments, with a temperature range -452°F to 664°F (269°C to 351°C). Cirlex® is chemically inert, and abrasion resistant.

Cirlex® is manufactured without adhesives, using Fralock’s unique Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT), which produces a robust monolithic polyimide construction that mitigates delamination.

Additional Materials Include:

  • DuPont™ Nomex®
  • DuPont™ Kapton®-based materials
  • Aerogels – lightweight, flexible, flame resistant
  • St Gobain Polyurethane fire blocking & compression pad
  • Silicone-based mica plated tape
  • Avery Dennison Flame Tough™
  • PET films
  • 3M flame barrier films
  • Fire-retardant polypropylene (Formex™)
  • Fire-retardant polycarbonates (Lexan™ films)
  • Fire resistant/fire retardant PSA tapes
  • Other materials can be provided as needed for your application

Thermal Management

Thermal management is a critical aspect of designing electronics systems to ensure the reliable operation and longevity of electronic components. If incorrectly managed, overheating, damage to the system, and even hazardous occurrences can result.
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Dupont Cirlex- Effective Thermal Insulation