Leading the Way in Advanced Materials Solutions


Aerospace and defense manufacturers rely on long-term, close-knit relationships with local vendors that supply custom components. Many of these components are made from specialized certified materials for flight-critical functions that can operate in extreme environments such as space. Fralock has been serving our aerospace/defense customers for over 30 years with engineering innovations and wide array of manufacturing capabilities and materials to satisfy these demanding requirements.

The development of medical/life science manufacturing equipment and devices involves new technologies that align with our highly-connected world, such as software-driven medical devices integrated with the IoT. Where equipment becomes more compact and efficient, performing life-saving procedures has become less invasive, and devices are now wearable or insertable, allowing patients to lead higher-quality lives.

Because public safety is top priority, each step of manufacturing must meet government regulatory standards such as ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems, and FDA quality system regulation. As a supplier of top-tier medical manufacturers, Fralock is fully certified and provides state-of-the-art flexible circuits and heaters, interface materials, ceramic components, and wound care solutions, providing customized components to optimize functionality.

Fralock collaborates with customers in diverse industries to provide custom solutions for demanding applications. Our engineering team works with yours to achieve your component manufacturing goals.

Applications for industrial, electronics, and energy industries require greater design freedom with high performance requirements. Fralock can reduce space and weight, and offer streamlined designs to meet customer expectations.

Semiconductors have become an essential part of our daily lives around the globe. Production of these tiny electronic components must be precisely controlled and continually upgraded in order to meet production and performance requirements. Manufacturers face many challenges such as data latency, front-end and back-end cycle time asynchrony, and restrictions on supply chain visibility and planning.

Fralock’s advanced materials and engineering know-how can help overcome some of these challenges with ongoing improvement in semiconductor equipment technology and efficiency.

The energy storage market is currently experiencing rapid growth stemming from global decarbonization goals. With increased integration of zero-emissions technologies into industrial equipment, vehicles, power stations, and more, rechargeable batteries are rapidly evolving towards faster charging, higher energy density, longer life cycle, and higher recycling efficiency.

Battery pack manufacturers face a multitude of challenges to achieve optimum product performance and remain competitive. One of these challenges is sourcing components made with the right materials and high-quality manufacturing.

Fralock provides high-reliability component solutions for battery pack manufacturers that satisfy  demanding requirements for thermal management, environmental and internal sealing, electrical insulation, thermal runaway protection, EMI/RFI shielding, flexible circuits and interconnects, and vibration dampening.

Our materials expertise, first-rate quality system, and precision manufacturing capabilities make us the go-to sourcing partner for your battery components.