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Science and technology can make the world a safer and faster place. When collaboration results in meaningful innovation, solving real problems, it becomes amazing and awe-inspiring. 3M provides solutions for markets ranging from energy and healthcare, to manufacturing, transportation, defense, and safety. The company owns 51 technology platforms, which range from adhesives and abrasives, to ceramics and nanotechnology. Our scientists around the world share and combine these technologies across all our businesses to invent and manufacture cutting-edge products.
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DuPont™ Kapton’s® Extreme Versatility and Thermal Performance Provides Unlimited Potential.

From the circuits in the cameras on space missions to the next generation of photovoltaic cells, DuPont Kapton® polyimide films are helping make extraordinary new design possibilities actually happen.

For applications where extremes of heat and vibration are the norm, designers rely on Kapton® because of its ability to maintain its unique combination of mechanical properties under the harshest of conditions. DuPont Kapton® polyimide films have set the industry standard for over 45 years in high performance, reliability, and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperature, vibration, and other demanding environments

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Bergquist brand thermal solutions control heat within multiple applications, enabling optimal performance and extending device lifetime.

Multi-award-winning formulations in various mediums provide essential heat dissipation for applications within numerous markets including automotive, consumer, telecom/datacom, power and industrial automation, computing, communication and many others. As electronic systems integrate more capability into increasingly challenging, complex designs and compact footprints, efficient heat control is necessary to maximize performance and limit heat-related failures. Henkel’s Bergquist thermal management materials, including Gap Pads®, Gap Fillers, SIL PADs, phase change materials, microTIMs, LIQUI FORM products and thermal adhesives tackle today’s toughest thermal control challenges.

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A visionary company, Fujipoly continues to develop and acquire technologies that enable them to offer products that are, often, ahead of our times. Fujipoly is a leader in the design, formulation and production of high-performance Thermal Interface Materials, Elastomeric Connectors and Custom Silicone Extrusions. Operating a global network of 9 manufacturing and distribution centers to deliver unprecedented product performance and dependability.
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Saint-Gobain designs, produces and distributes materials and solutions designed for the well-being of each person and the future of all. They provide comfort, performance and safety while meeting the challenges of sustainable construction, efficient management of resources and climate change. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a wide range of high performance plastics specially designed for the aeronautics market, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures: bearings, cable ducts, seals and foams, plastic structures. passenger seats, plastic composites release films, etc.

The Group’s Life Sciences Business Unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of polymer components for the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology markets. The materials are developed with unique barrier properties; they are biocompatible and allow the transmission of oxygen, and are used both in both scientific laboratories and large-scale vaccine production.
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Nitto provides products in various industries from light controlling films indispensable for smart phones and TV displays to industrial adhesives, auto parts, and medical supplies. They provide a wide range of hygienic products from bandages that are gentle to the skin to injury-preventing sports tape.
Chomerics Division is part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation Engineered Materials Group, and is a global leader in the development and application of electrically conductive and thermal interface materials.
Laird A Dupont Business
Laird Performance Materials improves electronic devices by creating innovative protection solutions. World-leading technology brands rely on Laird for improved protection, higher performance and reliability, custom structural designs, and faster time-to-market with products such as EMI shielding and EMI absorbing materials, thermal interface materials, precision and structural metals, and integrated, multi-functional solutions. Laird serves automotive, aerospace and defense, medical, computing, data infrastructure, telecom, test and measurement, wearable devices, and additional markets.
NEOGRAF Solutions
Neograf produces graphite-based materials for global markets. Both market-driven, and m arket drivers, they build relationships with their customers and end users. Entrepreneurial in attitude and innovative in approach, NeoGraf uses significant research and development capabilities to bring safety, reliability and success to their partners.