Leading the Way in Advanced Materials Solutions

Advanced Material Components for High-Reliability Applications

Leading the Way in Advanced Materials Solutions

Fralock offers high-reliability solutions in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of specialty components and subassemblies for critical applications in extreme environments. 

Based in the U.S., our expert teams work with you to satisfy your stringent requirements for custom-fabricated components in industries ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to space, medical and industrial applications. Our engineers can identify the ideal material for your project, optimizing physical, thermal, chemical, and electronic properties.

Industries We Serve

We assist diverse customers in several key industries that require specialty materials solutions.

Specialty Laminates
Our custom composites and specialty laminates used in spacecraft, missiles, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, energy generation equipment, and more. These components are made from materials are built to withstand the harshest conditions in extreme environments.
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Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing
When it comes to semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment (WFE) we satisfy your requirements for plasma-resistant shims and reliable seals and gaskets by combining select materials and superior design.
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Ceramic Heaters
Our ceramic heaters are the highest performing aluminum nitride (AlN) heaters available in the market today. Used in a range of applications, multi-layer technology allows for rapid-fire performance using complex tungsten circuitry and integrated temperature sensing. A wide range of heater sizes and shapes are available to fit your requirements.
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Flexible Heaters
Fralock’s all-polyimide flexible cable and heater solutions are an ultra-lightweight, high- power system for critical applications. Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT), pioneered by Fralock, eliminates the need for adhesives and increases thermal tolerance.
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Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits
As a trusted provider of flexible and rigid-flex circuits and assemblies in multiple industries, our all-polyimide flexible circuits provide the optimal solution in high-performance applications with challenging requirements.
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Specialty Tapes
Fralock meets your requirements for specialty tapes used in masking, wire wrapping, insulating, vibration dampening, and protecting surfaces, with testing and test report documentation.
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Since 1967, Fralock has been supplying customers with custom components made with specialty materials to meet rigorous specifications. Our expansive capabilities provide a range of products that provide the highest level of performance.

New Acquisitions – New Capabilities

Fralock has recently acquired several companies that equip us with expanded technologies, expertise, materials, and manufacturing capacity.

The acquisitions of engineered technical ceramics and flex solutions manufacturers have expanded our ability to offer customers engineered technical ceramics, advanced flex and interconnects and specialty engineered materials interface solutions. This broader product footprint now enables us to successfully combine more specialty advanced materials to produce a higher diversity of engineered custom solutions.

Industry leaders trust us to develop products that ensure reliable performance from special purpose polymers, foils, ceramics, laminates, adhesives and non-adhesive materials.

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