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Specialty Laminates

Fralock offers several types of laminated solutions for your custom designed components. Our engineers work with you to configure prototyping and manufacturing of specialty parts with superior performance and high value that fits your needs.

Whether your requirements involve chemical or physical resistance, extreme temperature range, or outgassing restrictions, we have a solution for you.
Polyimide Flexible Cables
All-Polyimide Adhesiveless Laminated Flat Flex Cable
Polyimide Film Manufacturers

We offer three types of lamination solutions.

  1. Pressure sensitive adhesive laminates such as silicones and acrylic laminate
    • Applications: Tapes or films with instant adhesion and operating temperature up to ~185° C. 
  2. Heat-activated adhesive lamination such as meltable acrylics epoxies, butyl, nitrile phenolics and fluoropolymers.
  3. All-polyimide lamination without using adhesives for applications that require operating temperatures over 200°C. Features include bonds without residual stickiness, preventing dust and dirt accumulation during operation and mitigating delamination.
    • Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT): Fralock utilizes our unique technology to produce flexible circuits, heaters, other electronic components, and DuPont™ Cirlex® – thick polyimide material suitable for high-temperature applications.

Adhesiveless Lamination Technology (ALT) Applications:

Adhesiveless laminates can include foils, allowing manufacture of flexible heaters and flat-flex foldable cables that are built to withstand extreme environments. DuPont™ Cirlex® is manufactured using ALT, and its applications include thermal barriers, shims, gaskets, and other encapsulated components.

All-Polyimide, Adhesiveless Laminates – Fralock’s unique materials and ALT allows us to develop and produce a wide range of ultra high-reliability flexible circuits and heaters that offer key advantages, including:

  • Robust Handling: Virtually eliminates fragility related assembly damage, rework and program delays
  • Full Folding: May be tightly creased without delamination or fracture
  • Fine Line/Trace and Spacing: to 1.5 mil, allows compact design
  • Low Mass: Superior materials, lamination, trace/spacing and connector elimination yields lower mass
  • Exceptional Radiation Resistance: Retains physical, thermal, electrical and isolation properties throughout extended mission life
  • Unsurpassed Reliability with All Polyimide Fully Encapsulated Designs
  • All polyimide bonding eliminates the adhesive interface where most problems occur.
  • Full encapsulation eliminates the voids around metallic traces that create performance variables and structural discontinuities that affect durability.
  • Laminate bond strengths exceed substrate properties and that typically exceed 10 PLI to metallic traces.
  • Wide operational temperature range -269°C to +351°C (Tg)
Flexible Heater Circuits