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Electrical Insulation/Dielectric

Electrical insulation helps to prevent unintended electrical shorts from occurring between different components or circuits and is resistant to high temperatures. Without proper insulation, current can flow where it is not intended, leading to damage to components, circuits, or even the entire system. It also minimizes the risk of electric shock, enhancing safety. Fralock provides a wide range of dielectric and electrically insulative, and flame-retardant/resistant materials for the right solution to your application.

Materials Include:

  • DuPont™ Kapton®
  • DuPont™ Cirlex®
  • Formex®
  • Nomex®
  • Lexan - polycarbonate
  • Mylar®, Melinex® - polyester, PET
  • PEN
  • PEEK
  • Teflon™ - FEP, PTFE, PFA
  • Aerogels - lightweight and flexible
  • St Gobain
  • Polyurethane fire blocking & compression pad
  • Silicone-based mica plated tape
  • Avery Dennison Flame Tough™
  • PET films
  • 3M flame barrier films
  • Fire-retardant polypropylene (Formex™)
  • Fire-retardant polycarbonates (Lexan™ films)
  • Fire resistant/fire retardant PSA tapes
  • Additional materials may be provided for your custom application
Dupont Kapton- Best Engineered MaterialShape