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Structural Ceramics for Industrial, Electronics, and Energy

Structural ceramics are used in a wide array of applications for industrial, electronics, and energy sectors due to properties such as high temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, good mechanical strength and durability, chemical resistance, lightweight design, thermal management capabilities, and the potential for miniaturization and integration. These attributes contribute to improved system performance, reliability, longevity, and overall efficiency in various industries and applications.

Fralock offers a selection of ceramic materials that begins with powder and is precision-engineered and processed for optimal performance and durability to produce your custom component. We can fabricate features such anti tracking grooves and reliefs to accommodate thick film metallization and provide parts up to 31” in diameter and 3” thick, with green to fire Alumina tolerances +/- 1.0% and hard grind to tolerances within 0.00002” (0.000508mm).

Fralock’s Ceramic Materials include:

  • Alumina, zirconia, quartz, aluminum nitride, and silicon carbide ceramics.
  • Near net shape ceramic components made from alumina and aluminum nitride
Structural Ceramics for Industrial Purposes
Electrical Terminal Block

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Ceramic boats for solid state electrolyte material synthesis
  • Porous alumina and silicon carbide vacuum chucks for handling battery materials
  • Wear-resistant silicon carbide components for calendaring, rolling, and recycling processes
  • High purity abrasion and debris-resistant ceramic fluid dispensing tips

Power Electronics, Power Modules

  • High voltage alumina insulators with integrated anti-tracking features machined and fired to near net shape
  • High voltage alumina relay components for power application >=5KW
  • Vacuum RF Relay alumina electrical insulators


  • Ceramic robot end effectors with integrated vacuum pickup pads
  • High temperature alumina, aluminum nitride, and silicon carbide vacuum chucks

Communication Systems

  • Vacuum relay components made from alumina
  • Ceramic RF Relay electrical insulators
  • Hermetic packages for severe sensor environment applications made from zirconia or alumina

Other Industry Applications

  • Ceramic insulators for fusion energy reactors
  • High pressure fuel atomizers for diesel engines
  • Ceramic insulators for gas discharge Lasers (CO2 and Excimer)
  • Heat resistant near net shape ceramics for thermal energy storage
  • High temperature ceramics to enhance thermal production of hydrogen fuel
  • Wear resistant ceramics to repurpose waste fluid pressure energy
  • Ceramic-metal electrical connectors for down hole pumping applications
  • Abrasion-resistant ceramic components to support oil and gas exploration and extraction

In-House Capabilities:

We offer an array of in-house capabilities that include die-cutting UV and CO2 laser cutting, water jetting, slitting, machining, lamination (heat-activated, nip roll, and adhesiveless). We can provide near net shape structural ceramic components, and multilayered, cofired ceramics. We also offer precision CNC grinding, polishing hard materials, and lapping. We partner with your engineering team to provide the optimal solution for your application.

Ceramic Insulator
Wire Winding Component