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Ceramic Heaters

Our ceramic heaters are among the highest performance heaters available in the market today.

Leveraging the powerful coupling of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic with internal Tungsten resistance heating traces, our multilayer technology allows for complex tungsten circuitry and integrated temperature sensing. Fralock can produce a wide range of heater sizes and shapes to satisfy the demanding requirements of our customers.

We provide engineering support including full internal thermal modeling, CFD, and CAD design services for your thermal management requirements.

Ceramic Square Heaters
Property Units Tungsten AlN
Linear Coefficient of
Expansion per ºC
4.3 x 10E-6
4.3 x 10E-6
Thermal Conductivity
  • Extremely rapid heating in excess of 300°C/sec
  • High performance heating combined with micro-channel cooling
  • High watt density – 2000W per square inch
  • Ultra-rapid temperature transition
  • Instantaneous temperature feedback
  • Precision temperature uniformity
  • Complex tungsten circuitry including multiple zones
  • Integrated temperature sensing traces
  • All shapes and sizes including tubular heaters
  • Sizes range from a few millimeters to 15 inches
ALN Ceramic Heater Features and Benefits
Metal Laminates of Copper

Heaters are available in multilayer ceramics or metal laminates of copper or stainless steel.
We can thick or thin film metalize and plate to provide brazeable, solderable, or wire-bondable surfaces.

Internal and External Channels in Aluminum Nitride

The high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of expansion of AlN are employed to carry heat away from electronic devices through internal or external micro cooling channel layers added onto the multilayer circuitry. This can either be used for temperature transition applications or simply to remove heat from devices like laser Diodes, server processors, or power modules.

Internal and External Micro Cooling Channels

   Rapid cooling is achieved using micro cooling channels

Fralock can provide integrated cooling solutions for our heaters which provide extremely fast temperature transition on the cool-down side of the temperature cycle. Please contact us with your specific application.
Available Configurations
  • Metal coolers brazed or clamped to our AlN heaters
  • Integrated cooling channels both internal and external in the AlN heater
Integrated Cooling Solutions for AIN Heaters
Semiconductor – Front-end
Wafer Heaters
Plasma Generator (dielectric deposition),
Semiconductor – Back-end
Thermal Compression Bonding
Class Testing
Burn-In Testing
Chip Clock Speed Testing
  • Chip warming in aircraft cameras
    Satellite propulsion
  • High thermal conductivity electrical interposers for drone electronics
  •  Electrode spacers in high voltage capacitors for high-energy pulse power systems
  • Device Under Test thermal testing and class testing for chips used in aerospace applications
Thermographic Aircraft Cameras
Gas chromatographs
Mass Spectrometry
Seal Bar Heating
3-D Printing
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Heaters – precise and consistent temperature control +/- .25C
Mass Spectrometry Heater
Cryoablation Heater (for speeding the thawing process)
Catheter Coater Heaters (for coating wires along a catheter to improve lubricity)
Tissue Fusion
Multilayer heaters (with built-in RTDs)
Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry
Cauterizing/Tissue Cutting
Tissue Sealing
Bag Sealing

Other Industries

Power Modules
– Inverters to change voltages – for small electronics
– IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transducer – High voltage, high current switching
– MOSFET (Metal Oxide semiconductor field effect transfer) – switching devices for automotive electronic control units