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Semi Test & Packaging Heaters

Semiconductor packaging and class test equipment requires small format heaters for rapidly ramping temperatures. These heaters are usually the same size as the packaged devices in square formats, ranging from ½” to 2” square, or in rectangular formats in similar sizes. Fabricated with cofired technology using specially formulated aluminum nitride (AlN) and tungsten materials, these heaters provide extremely fast ramp rates up to 300oC per second and operate from 100oC to 500oC or higher.
Ceramic Test and Packaging Heaters
Ceramic AlN Heaters
Fralock’s ceramic AlN heaters can also be manufactured with integrated cooling channels which provide cooldown rates reaching 100oC per second. This novel technology uses green machined AlN layers to create a contiguous AlN heater with integrated tungsten heater traces and corresponding resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for precise temperature control. Our ceramic heaters can be constructed with many zones on the same heater, which can provide multiple temperatures in different areas of the heater for testing or packaging in multi-chip applications.

Our cooling channel manufacturing capability accommodates the need for vacuum chucking and air cooling, which is generally used or required in high temperature packaging and test applications.

  • Sizes up to 8” square or more
  • Multi-zone heater and integrated RTD’s for temperature sensing capability
  • Ground planes knitted with vias for electrical isolation cages
  • Surface vacuum features
  • Internal gas delivery passages
  • Thermal breaks between heat zones
Design Spec Capabilities