Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives provide a cost effective and easy method for bonding two substrates… Simply press to create a bond!

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (aka PSA’s) are used to attach the surfaces of two or more substrates. When selecting a PSA the following items must be addressed in-order to create a functioning bond: surface condition, roughness, smoothness, porosity, cleanliness, flexibility, and surface energy.

PSA’s have been used for years and come in a wide variety of formulations, but choosing the correct PSA for any application is essential. There are many different types of PSA’s available with a wide range of physical properties. The most common types of pressure sensitive adhesives are Rubber, Acrylic and Silicone. Working with Fralock’s engineering staff early in the design process will help streamline the process.

A complete understanding of the application and with regards to: Bond strength (shear, peel and tensile) temperature resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, out-gassing, vacuum compatibility and removability are always essential to product realization. PSA’s are available or can be custom formulated to bond: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, glass, polyimide, polyester, polyurethane, nylon, PTFE, ABS, and PVC.

Choosing the right adhesive for your demanding application can be challenging, but our knowledgeable engineering and sales staff are here to help you find the right solution. The list below shows the variety of products that Fralock offers based upon the adhesive type.

Fralock has over 40 years of experience with PSA’s assure you of a proper choice of adhesives, and that they are properly bonded to meet the needs of your application. As a 3M™ Preferred Converter, Fralock is well versed in the latest technologies.