CIRLEX® Pricing


The Broadest Range of Material Thicknesses in the Industry

DuPontTM CIRLEX® helps you eliminate machining process costs from the start. No more paying for CIRLEX® material you are going to machine away. PGA, BGA, and socket tolerances are tight with sizing pins and arrays varying between manufacturers. Most materials on the market require machining down to give engineers the thickness they need.  Not so with CIRLEX®.  If you need 0.047” thick material, Fralock can supply it.  And CIRLEX® products won’t potato chip or develop micro voids, so dielectric breakdown points are virtually eliminated.

For other thicknesses and larger quantities contact us at 800-372-5625, or click here to Request a Quote.

Custom size sheets are available on request.

Samples: Single samples are available at 6” x 6” and 4” x 4” for evaluation.