Medical Wound Care

Wound Care

Fralock offers a wide range of capabilities for “stick-to-skin” parts and solutions for wound care products.  A fundamental aspect of manufacturing parts for the medical industry is proper combination of dressings, adhesive technologies, and liners.  Wound care products present unique processing challenges related to die cutting, laminating and packaging.  Fralock, an industry leader as a wound care product manufacturer has developed extensive technical knowledge and expertise of the materials and processes involved.

Fralock’s extensive Technical KnowledgeTM (FTK) in converting and die-cutting affords our customers the assurance of producing parts with the highest quality from prototypes manufacturing to high production.  Fralock works closely with the world’s leading medical wound care material manufacturers, offering our customers the industries innovative technology in wound care supplies.

Fralock’s wound care manufacturing capabilities include rotary die cutting, flat bed die cutting, CNC die cutting and laser cutting as well as extensive multi-layer laminating capabilities. Fralock has the expertise with wound care materials, including silicones, medical foams, hydrogel and hydrocolloid materials, and other medical adhesives.

Fralock’s steadfast attention to detail and quality control systems combined with our advanced engineering and processing capabilities ensure that every component and wound care product we produce can be relied upon to perform to specifications.

Many variables are taken into consideration when solving problems for wound care products (a few are listed below).  Contact us for further information and discussion regarding your application.

MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)

Cleanliness / Sterilization

Maintain moist wound environment

Adhesion to skin

Wound Protection

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