Woven Tapes



Woven fabrics are available in many styles, patterns and weights, from single plain patterns to thicker, stronger or shaped multidimensional weaves.  A high tenacity means they are dense without being heavy, and are able to hold shape for support or replacement functions that must maintain original form.  Today’s most advanced wound care products and medical devices are benefiting from the lightweight strength and manufacturing flexibility of woven structures.  This thickness and strength – without the stretch of knitted or braided fabrics – allows for a structure well-suited to precise specifications.

Fralock’s experience as one of the top medical equipment manufacturers enables us to convert woven materials into any shape or size utilizing finer fabrics to meet the performance and functional requirements of devices.

They are used in some medical applications, but are often more expensive than nonwoven fabrics. Often, the fabric needs to be scoured to remove and machine oils on the product.



•Good MVTR

•Strong, no stretch

•With or without liner for handling

Common woven applications include:

•Face Stock for wound dressings and electrodes

•Orthopedic spacers

•Polymer Mesh

•Fixation devices

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