For over 50 years, Fralock has provided its FTK™(Fralock Technical Knowledge) on a wide variety of application needs in the Aerospace, Medical and Semiconductor Markets. With our expertise in both material selection and manufacturing/converting processes, we are able to provide cost effective solutions that work. Whether you are solving new problems on new designs or tackling an existing manufacturing issue, Fralock is interested in helping.  Fralock’s Technical Knowledge® (FTK) allows us to combine seemingly incompatible materials for your mission-critical applications.

FRALOCK is an AS9100, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA registered and ITAR registered manufacturer/converter of flexible materials such as adhesive tapes, film and foil, foam and rubber, specialty laminates, and custom composites. These materials are used in various industries including: Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Semiconductor, and Transportation.


FRALOCK is an AS-9100 registered and ITAR registered manufacturer/converter of flexible materials such as adhesive tapes, film and foil, foam and rubber, specialty laminates, and custom composites.  These materials are used in various components for aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, and solar array equipment among others. Fralock’s Technical Knowledge™(FTK) allows us to combine seemingly incompatible materials for mission-critical applications.  The (partial) list of applications includes: Adhesiveless Laminates – Heaters and Antenna’s for extreme temperature swings that are conformable.

The key applications we serve are:


Components and Subassemblies

Single and Multi Layer Rigid and Flexible Circuits

Electrical Insulation

Thermally Conductive materials


Fralock is a custom fabricator offering engineered adhesive and film solutions to the Medical Industry.  We bring over 50 years of experience in specialty materials and precision converting methods combined with a creative and progressive multi-disciplinary staff dedicated to delivering solutions. Fralock works with global leaders on applications in Advanced Wound Care, Cardiovascular Therapies, Point of Care Diagnostics, and Drug Delivery Devices to launch innovative products market.

We partner with clients from product concept through commercialization. Our approach is to develop and produce custom components that not only meet critical performance requirements but also support manufacturing and cost efficiencies downstream. Fralock’s extensive materials knowledge and advanced process capabilities are applied to every project. Our agility and flexibility support our clients’ needs at every stage of development from rapid prototyping, small clinical lot builds, to high volume commercial manufacture.

Fralock ensures complete design control and timely delivery on critical programs with our Product Development Process. Our cross-functional teams collaborate closely with our clients through a four stage process of Prototype Development, Process Optimization, Process Validation and Commercialization. Fralock’s Product Development Process is managed by a dedicated team of Program Managers.

We are committed to the design and delivery of high quality products; our clients depend on it. A robust Quality System assures reliable products and our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications support customer requirements and regulatory requirements.  We are also FDA registered and have ISO Class 8  (class 100,000) and Class 7 (10,000) clean rooms.

The key medical markets we serve are:

Life Sciences

Electro-Medical Disposables and Equipment


With over 20 years of industry experience, Semiconductor customers have come to rely upon Fralock as a valued partner.  Fralock,  custom manufacturing, develops and manufacturers polymer, foil and adhesive technology based products for critical applications.  Our reputation for providing superior quality components and subassemblies has been key to our successful–long term–relationships.

OEM’s are increasingly focused upon integration while retaining strategic capabilities.  And, they know it’s not capital efficient to be expert in all sub-fields.  As an extension of our customers engineering department(s), Fralock offers its expertise in developing engineered materials solutions to answer the call for innovation, improved manufacturability and maintaining a competitive edge.

The key applications we serve are:

Electro Static Chucks (E-Chucks)

High Performance Seals and Gaskets

Thermal Interface Solutions

Precision Heaters

Markets Satellite