Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh


Every piece of electronic equipment both emits and receives some form of electrical interference.  Because of this, such equipment must be able to block outgoing and incoming energy in order function at its peak levels.  Fralock’s knitted wire mesh offers superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding at competitive prices.

Wire mesh shielding utilizes single-strand wire, available in a wide range of metals, knitted and formed into pre-specified cross sections, yielding an economical and reliable gasket for use in a variety of EMI shielding and RFI shielding applications. Cross sections vary from round and rectangular to round with a fin, and double round with a fin interconnector.

Knitted wire mesh gaskets are a very versatile and proven style of shielding. Wire mesh gaskets have a great variety of uses and there are several popular types to choose from depending on shielding or environmental requirements.


Wire mesh gaskets are best suited for those applications where high shielding effectiveness is required, an environmental seal is not needed, and the gasket must conform to an irregular surface. Panel gaskets, cable wrapping, door gaskets, and static discharge “washers”, are just a few of the commonly chosen applications.

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