Line Card


3M Preferred Converter? We are a full line 3M distributor/converter; if 3M makes it, we have access to it. Pressure-sensitive tapes, VHB joining systems, PSA transfer adhesives, Bumpon materials, hook and loop, tubing and sleeving, adhesives, Emtech label stock. ? 3M
Bergquist? Bergquist supplies the world with some of the best-known brands in the business: Sil-Pad thermally conductive interface materials, Gap Pad electrically insulating and non-insulating gap fillers, Hi-Flow phase change grease replacement materials, Bond-Ply thermally conductive adhesive tapes, and Thermal Clad insulated metal substrates. ? beroquist
DuPontTM CIRLEX? Thick DuPontTM KAPTON® Film, thick performance electrical insulation. Thermally and mechanically stable from -40°C to 400° ? Cirlex
Dupont? Dupont™, KAPTON®, Nomex®, Mylar®, Melinex®, PTFE, and Von Roll N/K/N ? Du Pont
FujipolyThermal management materials and thermal interface products. ? fujipoly
ITW Formex? Formex™ and Statex™ insulating and Fire Retardent Polypropylene. ? ITW Formex
Nitto Electrical, electronic, surface protection, aerospace and industrial pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives. ?
Rogers? Poron® cellular urethane foam, Bisco® silicon foam and rubbers and T-Cell polyethylene foam. ? Rogers
Sabic Innovative Plastics? Valox, Lexan and Ultem. ? Sabic
Saint-Gobain? (formerly Furon/Fluorgas/CHR) Silicone foam and rubber, Pressure sensitive tapes, Teflon impregnated glass cloth, Skived Teflon and Phase-Change thermal management materials. ? Saint