Technical Data Sheet

T-35 is a 5 mil dead soft copper foil tape designed specifically for shielding electronics. The 5 mil rolled annealed copper foil is backed with a 2 mil thick, high-temperature acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Product Benefits

Thicker copper provides better shielding potential.

Excellent for shielding components, cable assemblies connectors.

Excellent for the final wrap on transformers.


Backing: 5 mil Copper Foil, 0.0005” thick

Release Liner:Densified Kraft

Adhesive:Solvent resistant high temp acrylic, 2 mil thick

Properties and Performance

Adhesive Test Data

Adhesion to Stainless Steel Oz/Inch

20 Minute Dwell 53

72 Hour Dwell 78

Temperature Range -40°F to + 350°F

Length:50 feet per roll

Availability: Slit Rolls to any width up 18 inch.

Die Cut parts.

Laminated to Various Substrates.

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