Accuplace APAC

AccuPlace APAC

AccuPlace APAC—Turnkey Robot System for Fully Automated Adhesive Subassembly.Here’s what an AccuPlace APAC industrial pick and place automation robotic system from Fralock, custom manufacturing, can do for you…

Handles complex adhesive assembly processes including different orientations and multiple placements with our linear driven axes (X-Y plus optional Z and U).

Easy integration with our adhesive component feeding systems using our powerful ARSIC software system.

Meets your tight tolerance requirements for industrial label and assembly with APAC integrated vision system.

Precise – Assemble delicate self-adhesive subcomponents, labels, complex adhesive patterns, optically clear adhesives, miniaturized parts and more.

Optional automated tooling change-over boosts throughput by letting you run different part programs within the same day.

Manufacture the most complex adhesive technology electronics subassemblies and devices with greater speed, precision and flexibility.

Successful manufacturers of high tech electronics and devices know that profitability depends on optimizing throughput, minimizing production costs and maximizing production yields—all while meeting shorter product lifecycles and managing part complexity.

Whether you’re manufacturing automotive electronics, medical devices, mobile phones, computers or other business and consumer electronics, you need pick and place automation that’s also flexible to meet your customers’ rapidly changing requirements.  AccuPlace APAC can help.

Get all the capability of customized robotic industrial label and adhesive assembly solutions without the cost or complexity with the AccuPlace APAC pick and place machine.

Any robot can automate and speed your process, but only the AccuPlace APAC pick and place machine gives you incredible automation speeds, precision and integration from a single standardized robot system—including the ability to feed up to four (4) different adhesive components!

That same manufacturing capability from custom equipment could cost you several million dollars.  With AccuPlace APAC pick and place automation, one investment lets you easily handle today’s adhesive subcomponent manufacturing needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

The AccuPlace innovative gantry robot APAC is the optimal turn key solution for fully automatic assembly tasks using adhesive components. Flexibility, reliability, and easy product changeover are all requirements in today’s demanding marketplace. The APAC pick and place machine answers these market requirements by achieving the highest possible quality.

Standard linear driven X-Y axes, optional servo Z and U axes, a PC based control and powerful ARSIC software build the most effective adhesive component assembly tool on the market.

The APAC can accommodate up to four RM3065 feeders to allow the execution of complex assembly tasks.

Custom made vacuum chucks are the only hardware required to changeover from one product to another product.  This flexibility allows running of various product programs within the same day.  Fully automatic tooling exchange is also available from Fralock.

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AccuPlace APAC


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