EMI / RFI Shielding Application

Electromagnetic Shielding Application

As communication and information technologies expand, the need to provide EMI / RFI solutions expands with them. If you have a need for electromagnetic shielding materials or gasket manufacturing, RFI shielding, extrusions, vulcanized, molded or hand fabricated gaskets, honeycomb ventilation panels, RF windows, adhesives or EMI shielding tapes, environmental and dust seals made of Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Buna, or Fluorosilicone, in the molded, extruded or Die cut form, please continue to browse our site.

Electromagnetic waves radiate from computer circuits, radio transmitters (including cellular phones), electric motors, and many other sources. They become undesirable when they interfere with the operation of electronic devices. Electromagnetic interference shielding, ensures electromagnetic compliance (EMC) with industry standards.

Electromagnetic shielding can be the solution to a wide variety of problems with many types of electronic gadgets that we use every day in our environment.

Fralock offers a wide variety of Electromagnetic shielding solutions that meet Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF specifications. Fralock is an ISO 9001 and an AS-9100 registered.

Fralock designs cost-effective EMI filters and RFI filter solutions for project-specific applications for military, aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical and appliance industries.

Applications include:

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