Micro Fluidics

Microfluidics Applications

Controlling Fluid Behavior with Advanced Materials and Processes

Microfluidics is the science of designing, manufacturing, and formulating devices and processes that deal with volumes of fluid on the order of nanoliters.  Fralock’s combination of precision converting, adhesiveless polyimide lamination, high-tech assembly, and alignment techniques makes us a natural partner for your macro – and microfluidics production requirements.

Some examples of systems and processes that employ this technology include blood-cell-separation equipment, biochemical assays, chemical synthesis, genetic analysis, drug screening, surface micromachining, laser ablation, and mechanical micro milling.

Fralock is the choice for organizations looking for innovative ideas, consistent manufacturing, and strong project management that extends from design to packaging.  We understand the technical issues and challenges of your microfluidic applications.   Most importantly, you need a manufacturing partner who knows how to create your microfluidic application device that will do what you need them to do.

The synergy of Quality, process control, yield analysis, track and trace, Innovation, and Volume, production facilities, reproducibility, supply chain management is important to keep fulfilling the challenging needs of our customers.  The transfer a product from development to manufacturing is of utmost importance to have a controlled, well-documented process with known capabilities.

Fralock is an ISO 13485 registered full service converter offering our clients seamless scale up to volume manufacturing which reduces time to market and secures the supply of high quality products.


DNA separation and analysis

Protein separation and analysis

Cell sorting

Medical diagnostics

Drug discovery

Biowarfare detection

To Name a few . . .

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