Adhesiveless Lamination

Polyimide Laminate


Traditional polyimide laminates are notoriously unreliable at temperatures which exceed the Glass Transition (Tg) of the adhesives used in their constructions.

DuPontTM KAPTON® and DuPontTM CIRLEX® polyimide laminates use all polyimide adhesiveless bonding technology unique in the marketplace today. Eliminate the adhesive and you eliminate the weak link in the chain.

Use of all polyimide laminate bonding eliminates the adhesive interface where many problems occur. Polyimide is closely matched to the CTE of copper, and can also be used to bond many other metals with bond strengths typically > 10 pli.

If your application requires high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, low outgassing, durability, and solvent resistance; you need adhesiveless laminate technology.

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