Semiconductor Surface Treatment

Corona Treatment

Corona treatment system is a very effective way to increase the surface tension of virtually any material.  All materials have an inherent surface energy (dyne level). Surface Treatment systems are available for virtually any surface format including dimensional objects, sheets and roll goods that are handled in a web format.For many applications, a composite of two or more layers of material is required to ensure the optimal performance of the product.  A common method of creating such a composite is to laminate various materials to each other with an adhesive bonding. Surface treating solutions such as corona treatment are used to improve lamination adhesion.

Corona treatment of plastic surfaces can be critical since many plastic films have an inherently low surface energy which effects particle adhesion to the substrate. Corona treatment is the most common surface treatment to increase polymer dyne levels in the converting industry.  This is largely because corona treatment can be done economically and at high line speeds.

Corona surface treatment is a treatment process that improves the adhesive bonding characteristics of most materials such as paper, films, foils, and polymers by raising surface energy (dyne level).  Corona treatment is the standard surface treatment method in the plastic film, extrusion, and converting industries.

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 Corona Treatment

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